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Each Deluxe Precious Metal Emblem is hand crafted to perfection using a variety of precious metals including sterling silver, 1/10 10K solid gold, and 14K solid gold. We take pride in using precious metals to produce high quality emblems that project the commitment, innovation and quality of your corporation or organization. We also offer a wide variety of gemstones and finishes which can further enhance and distinguish various levels of recognition or achievement.

New! With gold market prices reaching historic highs, our new 1/20th precious metal gold-filled emblems are a cost-saving option. Almost identical to our standard 1/10th gold-filled, but with less gold content for a lower price point.

Emblems made in the USA include 14K gold with precious stones, two piece emblems, gold filled with color fill, 10K gold with engraving, pierced emblems and Sterling Silver. Available with accessory upgrades, like cufflink backs or earrings, to add variety and value. See pricing

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Precious American Made

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