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Emblem pricing for all types of precious metal emblems is directly tied to the global market prices for both Gold and Silver. In addition, the size of the emblem directly affects the price. With these two constantly changing factors, all precious metal emblems must be quoted on an order-by-order basis. Price quotes will be based on stated sizes and current market metal rates at the date of requests.

Example pricing for a 5/8 inch round emblem with a deluxe back, deluxe hand polish, sandblasted background is provided below based on metal market rates of: Gold Market $1,600 per oz.; Silver Market $30 per oz.

5/8-inch Round Emblem* 10-24 25-49 50-99 100-249
8701-S Sterling Silver 38.00 26.40 23.00 21.00
8801-GF Gold Filled (1/10 10K) 55.60 42.40 39.00 36.20
* Includes plastic gift box     4A
8901-T 10K Solid Gold 264.00 221.00 211.00 194.00
9001-F 14K Solid Gold 391.00 330.50 317.00 270.00
* Includes deluxe 2-piece gift box   4C

New! With gold market prices reaching historic highs, our new 1/20th precious metal gold-filled emblems are a cost saving option. Almost identical to our standard 1/10th gold filled, but with less gold content for a lower price point. Example pricing below based on market rate noted above.

1/20th Gold-Filled Round Emblem* 10-24 25-49 50-99 100-249
8001-GF 5/8" (1/20th) 40.20 28.20 25.00 22.80
* Includes plastic gift box     4A

ASI 51940 PPAI 113932 UPIC elliotb SAGE 56880
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